Advanced Arcmap Settings

06-25-2010 04:57 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Add Advanced ArcMapSetings.exe to the Arcmap or Arc Catalog will be appreciated.
Bcoz to edit or make a custom changes to ArcMap, one has to go in search for the exe inside the directories.
Instead of doing that, if we create a seperate tool or a submenu inside the Tools Menu will reduce the work of customizing arcmap. The user can easily change the interface settings in Arcmap, on the go. That is from being in the arcmap itself.

I think this would be appreciated by more people.

This should be added because it just makes sense. Same request for ArcMap here with 150 points.
It would also go along way to getting around running ArcGIS in a Citrix environment, where we don't have access to the .exe files, etc.  Any direct access to these types of things would help - especially since a lot of places are moving to remote/client-server/"cloud" strategies and taking the direct access away from the end users PC. (I'm not even able to download and install tools and dlls without contacting IT and submitting a Work Order!)