Adjustable offset for World Geocode Service

04-04-2013 04:43 PM
Status: Open
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It looks like address candidates returned from the World Geocode Service ( that are matched to the StreetAddress are offset 10 feet from street centerline. The candidates returned have both an x,y location as well as a DISPX and DISPY attribute. 

The DISPX and DISPY attributes are, in the case of StreetAddress matches, exactly the same values as the x,y location which is 10 feet. It seems that if there are attributes available to support a display x,y those attributes ought to be used to provide additional information rather than duplicate the information already in the x,y coordinates. 

Our boundary planning would benefit from being able to specify an offset in the request made to the World Geocoder service of X number of feet for example so we could customize how far offset the StreetAddress results are and be able to display them further away from street centerline so they fall inside a boundary in a more definitive fashion. Ten feet off the street can make it difficult to determine which boundary the point falls in if there is any  error or discrepancy in how the boundaries were drawn. 
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Great idea