Additional Topology Rules and Functionality

05-27-2010 10:45 AM
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Add a rule: Points must be covered by lines - The user would be able to select multiple feature classes for the point and line features. This would be a quick and dirty way to see if your entire Utility Sys has been snapped up properly...


  • Add Attribute Logic to Topology.   Example: myPolygon must contain one point where point.location_type = 'Hospital' (give hawatson credit for this)
  • Add Logic (And, Or, etc.) to Topology rules     Example: Vales Must Be Covered by Mains OR Laterals     Example 2: Hydrants AND Valves Must Be Covered by Mains OR Laterals.

Imagine how much better work would be.

To link with "Provide a way to extend the topology rules framework" at

I would like to see topology functionality include a query option. such as 'select by attributes' and 'select by location' to the feature classes being included for topology.
I would like something similar, but would be happy with the ability to build your own vbscript or boolean style rules. eg. "Roads must share a boundary with (Parcels OR creeks OR Intersections)
 This would be a god-send!

Topology is very useful but we cannot use it as much as we would like as some of our layers:

1. can aligned with roads OR parcels - the complex boolean logic would be great!
2. can validly break topology rules when attributes change - i.e. all features with the same value (an application number) must not overlap but they can validly overlap the features of another application. As there are too many applications it is too difficult to see up a sub-type of each application number - the ability to have topology respect changes in attribute (like a 'group by' in SQL) would be great!!

Also, the ability to:

1. validate topology only using the selected (and definition query'd) features would be very useful
2. use layers in more than one topology (mentioned elsewhere)

would be great too!


 I would vote 100 times for this and the other topology-related ideas. Topology is great but requires a number of enhancements to allow it to better model real-world data.
Yes!  The topology tools need enhanced, including functionality to build multi-criteria topological rules.

Well 10 years later...this would be MUCH welcomed functionality.  The Pro Parcel Fabric would benefit greatly from this.  One of the biggest rules that we need in our organization would be to add 'Tax Parcels Must Not Overlap'.  This is nearly impossible to do because of historical parcels unless we want to mark all historical parcel overlaps as exceptions...not really viable.  If a definition query could be added to the rule ('retiredbyrecord IS NULL') it would solve all these issues -- and not just tax parcels.  Another critical topology rule would be to test if conveyance division public rights-of-way overlap tax parcels...again this is just not possible currently.

Please consider this again!



Thank you all so much for your comments.

There were two asks in this original idea. The first was for a specific topology rule "Points must be covered by lines".  This is rule now exists in the set of predefined topological rules.  You can find information about this rule at the link below

ArcGIS Pro - Topolgy Rules - Points

The original Idea also contained a request for the ability to apply more complex custom topological rules.  This type of functionality can be achieved in ArcGIS Pro using Attribute Rules. I would love to hear if users have been able to successfully apply attribute rules to achieve these types of validation checks in their workflows. 

If not, what have been your roadblocks?