Adding the functionality of 3D georeferencing of images such as sections for display in 3D such as Arcscene

05-17-2013 11:26 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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Currently, images can only be georeferenced  with a coordinate pair for each location. for a vertical west-east section the coordinates are for either Easting-elevation or Northing -elevation.
It would be of great help to be able to 3D georeference an angled section (e.g. not in the West-East direction) but specifying the X-Y-Z coordinates for each of four corners. So that I can display this in ArcScene or other 3D viewing software.


This idea is “Under Consideration” at a very early stage for a future application but will require data storage, user interface and tool enhancements before it gets very far.
If I understand correctly it wouldnt take much to implement 3D georeferencing.
The additional info (four Y-coordinates) would not require  large data storage;
the user interface need not be changed, you only have to add a new tool;
the tool could be patterned from the "Georeferencing toolbar".

In fact, you could just  modify the Georeferencing tool so that you have the option of specifying the z value during image registration.

Alternatively, like a raster catalog you can associate a attribute table and the table can store the X-Y-Z coordinate values for the image.


Is this being pushed further?  With ArcGIS Pro coming out of the box with 3D, this will be extremely useful.