Adding support of annotation in vector tile packages.

08-20-2017 07:02 PM
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Adding support of annotation in vector tile packages. This idea is submitted on behalf of one of our important customers.  


We know that labels are now supported in vector tile packages, but my client thinks it is not enough for their current work.  For example, when the data comes from AutoCAD, the DWG annotations will be imported as annotation feature class, which are hardly converted to labels stored in feature attribute perfectly .  So , this requirement comes.  

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I've spent a bit of time looking for work-arounds, like converting the annotation to a feature class with the 'FeatureOutlineMasks' function in the cartography toolbox; however, am unable to apply symbolody from the annotation features or layer files created from said annotation features.

Anybody else find a work around?


Same subpar workaround here.

by Anonymous User

I have the same issue. I have been working with Feature Outline Mask aswell, which first looks fine, but my problem is that when creating the vector tile package, the display quality of the converted annotations gets so bad, proportionally to an increased complexity/number of other polygons surrounding the text-polygon. The vector tile package is generalizing too much for the font to display nicely, especially when zoomed out. With a bigger zoom the problem vanished. anyone has any clues how to solve this issue?


Currently, we're publishing annotation as a raster tile layer.  It's time-consuming and takes up a lot of file storage space.  We also tried exporting the annotation with feature to feature geoprocessing, specifying the output as shapefile.  This creates polygons in place of the annotation and maintains the attribute table with the font, size, rotation, etc..  The problem is there's no way to label based on definitions in a table!


I'm trying to publish land parcels to vector tiles. Labeling does work but the output is bad. The label rotation is goofy and there are lots of duplicates. I've tried with both label engines and a variety of label settings. Nothing yields acceptable labeling where it looks anywhere near as good as it does in Pro. I'm hoping this will be a priority. Having to build a county-size raster tile cache just to get good map annotation is ridiculous given the processing time, inherent instability of cooking tiles and the storage required. 


Add me to the list of people desiring annotation support in vector tiles. We're also wanting to publish parcel fabric dimensions and labeling is not good, and raster tile caches just take way too long to update.


Our office has similar needs to include annotation into a Vector Tile Package. Parcel dimensions and lot do not label correctly from a VTPK, often duplicating even though the source map labels print correctly. As Mr. Griffin stated above, we are handling this with raster tiles, but it is not nearly as efficient for time or storage.