Adding Polygons by Definable Area

07-25-2010 03:39 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
  1. Draw a polygon in Editor mode- any polygon.
  2. Then you'll be asked to define the area you want it to be: 200 Sqm (for example)...
  3. Your polygon will be automatically resized to the requested area size.
  4. Then you can edit the polygon, and play with it's shape as much as you want, but the software will always keep it at the size that you wanted.

It can make every urban planner's life much easier!!

Thanks for listening.

I'm not sure if this makes sense. For the software to enforce a certain size, it would have to edit on the fly as you edited...for example, if you changed the polygon's length from 50 to 100 meters, the software would automatically resize the rest of the polygon for the area.

This might be OK for regular shapes, but I can imagine irregular polygons being much more difficult to shape..the software would constantly be changing the feature to keep up with you. It seems like it would generate more frustration than anything, and introduce some very complex behaviour in the software to boot.

I haven't demoted the idea, but my two cents are that this solution causes more problems than it would likely solve.

I could see a scaling tool as a possibility here. You cannot scale and reshape at the same time or you would have the headaches describes above. I could see a use for auto resizing tools whilst maintaining aspect ratios.