Adding features to layers already created by selection sets

02-15-2013 07:29 AM
Status: Open
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So I selected several features from a larger layer and used "Create Layer from Selected Features" so that they would show up distinctly on my map.  Now I have to add some features to the one based on the original selection set.  As it is now, I have to reselect all the previous features from the big layer, plus the new ones, and create another selection-set layer (with all the symbolizing and labeling that entails). 

How about this:  If an MXD has a layer based on a selection set from a larger layer, and the larger layer has other features selected, add functionality so that you can right-click on the selection-set layer and append the selected features from the larger layer, so you don't have to make and re-symbolize a whole new layer?
Yes. But you could save parts of your symbology/labeling in styles now, which helps somewhat.

Another problem with selection layers is that if some of the data changes and no longer exists in the (hidden) selection list, the database will throw out errors when you open the layer. This happened to me in Oracle/SDE at a previous job. It seemed that the selection is based on ObjectIDs, and these do change or disappear as data changes.  It would be a good idea to have a refresh function that could automatically prune any
problem results.
This has been driving me crazy!

"Create Layer from Selected Features" is an amazing enhancement. But it drives me insane that you can't modify the selected set via the "Layer Properties - Definition Query". They've gone as far as putting a note ("*Layer based on a selection set conatining ## features") but then don't provide access to it... 

I've reverted back to creating my own layer with my own "Definition Query", because in the end, it's faster.

ESRI developers: Can you explain why the functionality is limited?