Add Toggle 'ALL OFF' for GP Tools Config

04-12-2019 07:11 AM
Status: Open
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In Pro, the tools that allow for or require selecting fields have a multi-select and select all dialog box for adding all fields to the tool. But, there does not seem to be an exact inverse of this. That dialog box does not allow for selecting all and hitting "remove". If I'm working with a large number of fields, I want to be able to remove them other than one by one. 

Currently, it takes two clicks to delete a field. You click once to get the red X to appear, then click again to hit the red X.

Here is the toggle for turning all fields on, and multi-selecting:

The only way I see to undo this or change these fields is like this:

Yes, you can hold the shift key and click the fields one by one, then delete the fields. But with 400 fields, this is not equivalent to the inverse of the add fields toggle.

Example GP tools are summary statistics, transpose fields, but I'm sure there are many more with this same GUI.

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Slight revision. For the fields that have already been added to the fields config, you can select the top one, and scroll to the bottom and click the last one holding the shift key. Nonetheless, the idea still stands to add a "Remove" button next to the "Add" button for all of these tool UIs.