Add the ability to iterate features in ArcGIS Pro Dynamic Text

07-17-2017 07:41 AM
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One thing I've missed in ArcGIS Desktop is the ability to quickly create custom layouts using dynamic text that can display feature information. Use cases would be primarily in Map Series (pro's data driven pages equivolent) but would also apply to static layouts in some cases as a quick way to create automatically generated text blocks from feature layers.


Example: Map Series

Show text blocks for each feature in the current extent:



Possible Dynamic text code:

<dyn type="iterator" layer="Properties">
ID: <dyn type="field" property="id" />
Address: <dyn type="field" property="street_num" /> <dyn type="field" property="street_name" />
Dept: <dyn type="field" property="department" />


In this hypothetical example, the important part is the `dyn type="iterator"` The block of text inside here would be repeated for each feature visible in the current extent. I know this functionality is possible using a custom python script but this method would integrate with existing tools to allow the data and the framework to do the work. I wouldn't have to re-run a script if the data changes, all we need to do is re-export the map series and the layout would be updated.


This could also apply to static layouts, for instance if we just quickly want to build a list of features like the one above, a simple block of xml is all we would need to insert. The Insert Dynamic Text dropdown could insert a quick snippet with the required text block for easy modification.

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roemhildtg‌ You'll be able to add attribute tables to layouts at Pro 2.1 and there is a Query option for the table frame to "Show visible records"

This should provide much of what you're looking for here.