Add the ability to apply Editor settings Field Mapping to Geoprocessing Tools

09-04-2020 07:33 AM
Status: Open
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I propose implementing the ability to apply the field mapping settings saved in the editor settings (see process to the append tool and other applcable geoprocessing tools.  I do not understand why I have to set them up in the tool if they already have been set up in editor settings.  It would be more productive if we could at least have the opyion to apply them to tools after they are set up. It seems these two do not "communicate". 

I added this as a question in the ArcGIS Pro section and Scott Harris replied, "I suppose one reason why Editing tools have their own Field Mapping option is because editing tools work on layers that are already in the map. GP tools can work on feature classes from any number of sources and are not restricted to what's already in the map."  Is this the case?

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Or if this isn't possible, allow for exporting a field mapping once I have them set up, then load it again later. I find myself constantly re-mapping my fields in append tools in my models because something happens to how the fields are named or referenced by Pro or ArcMap.