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Add tables with XYZ coordinates and convert them to 3D shapefiles or feature classes

05-06-2010 12:02 AM
Status: Already Offered
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Provide an option to add a table containing X,Y and Z coordinate data to a map and export them to a 3D (PointZ)shapefile or feature class with the Z values assigned to the feature.  This will make the life easier to work with 3D feature classes.

This would be quite helpful.  I had a table of LiDAR data and had expected to be able to bring it in with the ADD XY tool, but there was no Z value option so I had to go another route to import it.
The Add XY Data tool (File, Add Data, Add XY Data) already provides this functionality, doesn't it? As long as you have the 3 fields for x, y and z, this would do fine. Make XY Event Layer also provides this option. Combining this tool with eg Copy Features in a model will even result in a single tool to use for this functionality.
see 3D Analyst Tools >>> Conversion >>> From File >>> ASCII 3D to Feature Class
Do not forget the Feature to 3d by Attribute tool as well once you create the 2d points via the Add XY Data.  Also for the Lidar data, consider at 10.1 the LAS Dataset format where you can add those points directly into a surface.  
Status changed to: Already Offered

Per the comments above and the current functionality ( marking this as Already Offered.