Add support for DMS, MGRS, UTM, etc. in Add XY Data

05-13-2011 10:05 AM
Status: Open
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Would love it if I didn't have to convert my coordinates into Decimal Degrees whenever I need to import a table into ArcMap.  Kudos to adding the Convert Coordinate Notation tool to the GP Tools, but then I still have to perform a Join with the table it outputs and my original table.  I support a very large analyst community that receives data in various formats all the time, and there are alot of users that aren't even familiar with model builder.  This just seems like a no brainer here...instead of making me write a model to handle this task, and then having to try and share it across a very disconnected community.
Atleast I prefer to have an MGRS system that everything is written in one line. I can ofcourse convert the coordinates to decimal degree but it takes time especially if I convert the coordinates via Geo-Trans software. I shall be thankful if ArcGIS can implement this feature. Most people are using MGRS and it's shame that ArcGIS not yet support straight away. 
ESRI - When XY (and Z) coordinates are used for input values - ALL tools should understand the various coordinate units.  The "Go To XY" tool (in ArcGIS Desktop) understands multiple coordinate units, so it makes sense that ALL other ArcGIS tools should too.
An enhancement is in process to add all fields of the input table to the output of the Convert Coordinate Notation tool. That'll remove the step of joining back the fields from the input table.

I think Make XY Event Layer already supports those formats.

I just tried to add XY event layer from a table that has MGRS and it did not work.  currently running arcpro 2.0.1