Add sort by symbol layer to sort shape geoprocessing tool

08-20-2020 05:44 AM
Status: Open
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Sort shape currently only supports sorting a shape by ascending or descending order.  It would be useful if sort shape could also sort by a layer files symbol order.  I think sorting by a layer class (priority) may improve drawing performance as end users would not even need to use symbol layer drawing in their maps.


  1. Include a layer that has the following classes and or symbol order - US Highway, State Highway, County Highway, Township Road.
  2. Use the sort shape geoprocessing tool, include a layer file described above as a parameter om the sort shape geoprocessing tool.   Note that the order in the layer above is based on a priority, not an ascending or descending order.
  3. Provided the data is not edited, end users can consume the data and have it draw much quicker as there will be no need to enable symbol layer drawing. That is unless end users want to enable "Join and Merge".  That being said, even with that sort shape should in theory allow "Join and Merge" to work quicker?

Thank You!