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Add ribbon's 'Label Features In This Class' toggle to Label Class properties pane

09-26-2022 08:53 AM
Status: Open
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I am almost able to do everything I need with my labels from the Label Class pane and QAT. There is one function found on the Labeling ribbon tab, though, that is not present in the label pane that I would really like to be there: the per-class 'Label Features In This Class' toggle. You can toggle labels on or off from the list by labeling view in the TOC, but you can only access this TOC view when a map view is active. Being able to toggle this right from the Label Class properties pane would be a big help in reducing repetitive clicks back and forth just to get to the ribbon tab or map view and then TOC view. Right now I'm going to the ribbon tab just to turn a label class on and off and occasionally to choose a symbol from the gallery (since this is also oddly missing from the pane).

I'd put the toggle on my QAT with some other labeling buttons, but it takes up way more space than it should (layer-wide label toggle on the left just changes shading to indicate on/off; no text).


As far as where in the pane this option should go, I'm not sure. It would be nice to have it accessible regardless of where in the pane you are -- at the top, maybe, next to the class name (see pink drawing).


I could also see the dropdown menu that shows your label classes being replaced with a list similar to that found in the list by labeling TOC, with visibility checkboxes to the left.





I don't know whether any of this is technically possible, But, that would provide another area to not only switch between classes but control their visibility in one go. Advantage there is that the menu would go away when you're done with it; it would be a much more efficient way to handle class visibility than any of the currently available options. Right now if you want to do that in the TOC, you have to first have a map active, switch to list by labeling, and then switch back. If you want to do it from the ribbon, you need to open that up and then switch between classes one by one, toggle each one off individually, then close the ribbon. With a multifunctional dropdown menu you could do all that in one click regardless of whether you're in map or layout.