Add resizability to windows

02-26-2017 06:39 AM
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Hi all involved,

It would be a great if I have ArcMap with windows that is expandable as below image:Dataframe window

See the above picture of Dataframe window that is not expandable  in four ways.

In some case I need to expand this window e.g. I need to scroll to see the coordinate system of the three layers in the TOC, I need to see them substantially to compare them if there is any parameter/text different for one of those three layers. If I have window which I can expand upward and downward then comparing would be of great easy and I could grab the subtle change in the projection parameters while toggle selecting the three layers but now I need to copy projection parameters for each layers into notepad and compare them manually!! There so many software that implement this feature to ease the user interaction e.g. eCognition by Trimble as below:

resizability of eCognition

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Agree it is very frustrating that some dialogs do not allow you to expand the window, layer properties is another nightmare dialog and it's one which everyone is in and out of. I don't understand why this has never been resolved.