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Add Remove All Attachments options without a Match Table

01-05-2023 07:14 AM
Status: Open
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When removing all attachments from a feature class, the geoprocessing tool requires a matching table. Please add a Remove All Attachments option without the need for a matching table. A tool that will remove all existing attachments. It will also be super cool to be able to remove attachments from a specific file format (*.tif, *.jpg, *.bmp) and/or using syntax criteria like "contains the text", or "does not contain the text".

(See sample template image uploaded)

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What if I only want to remove attachment from a selection??? If I disable attachments, I will lose all attachments right?

Yes, you would remove all attachments. If you want to remove specific attachments, you can join the attachment table to the feature data, select the features you want to remove attachments for specifically, remove the join while maintaining the selection and delete the attachments.

You can also remove specific file types currently from the attachment tables. Sort on CONTENT_TYPE or possibly ATT_NAME.



Oh yes, if the feature class is in my desktop, I can do all kind of things by joining the attachment table. The remove attachments tool that I'm thinking of, is so that I can performed all this options in a feature service. Or, it will be great if we can have access to an attachment table from a feature service???