Add "Copy" button for HEX# in Color Editor

11-07-2022 09:51 AM
Status: Open
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Adding the copy button would make things very slightly more convenient when working on getting those figures "just right". 

After adding the copy button.After adding the copy button.Before adding the copy button.Before adding the copy button.


This is a great idea! A small addition that goes a long way. 

by Anonymous User

It would be cool to get an eyedropper/ color sampler as well in here...


Hey @Anonymous User, I think there is already an eyedropper on the dropdown you used when looking at colors, at least in the symbology pane.

 Existing eyedropper tool in the symbology pane.Existing eyedropper tool in the symbology pane.

Are you suggesting something like this mock up? If so, I think the mods would want it to be its own new idea so they can track its interest. Tag me if you make that idea post so I can support it. 

Proposed eyedropper on Color Editor pane.Proposed eyedropper on Color Editor pane.

by Anonymous User

It's not a big issue, since it is in that first menu but it would save some redundant button clicks if it were available in the color editor pane if you wanted to slightly change the color picked from the dropper.


Hello Pro Team, 

I also vouch for this idea. I propose the hex value box be added to this menu for ease of copy/pasting. This UI would also be consistent with the new AGOL color palette interface as well. 


During the map design process our team works a lot with colors across many layers. With the current process users need to click color properties to get the hex value this is great but requires an additional click (which adds up when designing a big map/basemap). 



Amanda Huber


Fantastic idea and I agree with @Amanda__Huber  - having it not only on that flyout, but automatically having the hex code selected, would be a wonderfully welcome addition. It would enable much, much quicker copying and pasting of color values that right now is extremely cumbersome.


@wayfaringrob I really like that idea of having it auto-select the hex code on the flyout!