Add "Add New Database Connection" to New Menu outside project

01-31-2019 09:10 AM
Status: Open
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We consolidate our database connection files in one location to protect them as we have many db's and many schema's.  It's great in 2.3 to now be able to work with a db connection file outside the project folder but we still can't create one.  We can of course just copy from our app data folder but it shouldn't be that hard for Esri to add a shortcut to this context menu and save us a little bit of time like we can in ArcMap?


Yes, removing this ability has created loads of new work for no good and logical reason.

Negatively impacting User-Experience should be avoided at all cost.


Yes exactly 👍, I posted here on this exact same topic in the ArcGIS Questions space. Should have looked here first for this topic. Anyway this definitely should be added to a future release and seems like a quick win win for everyone in my opinion.

Also, as I pointed out in the comments on the above thread you can also use the Create Database Connection tool in the Toolbox to do this, but we should also be able to do this from the context menu when we right click a folder.