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Add Product Category for ArcGIS Professional to ArcGIS Ideas

10-01-2013 04:51 PM
Status: Implemented
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Regular Contributor

I think all ArcGIS Ideas categorized under ArcGIS Desktop, and which have not been Implemented, should be re-categorized as ArcGIS Ideas for ArcGIS Professional

If this is not possible to do, then can an ArcGIS Professional category be created so that we can start letting Software Development know our ideas for what we think should be considered for implementation first?

Hi Graeme,

We will add a category for this when the software goes into beta, and look at reclasifying some of the old ideas to the new category.

Thanks for the feedback.

ArcGIS Ideas Moderator

Hi Graeme Browning

As (I think) you know, we've been managing ArcGIS Pro ideas through tagging on the current site.  I wanted to note that we will not add a category on this current platform, but when GeoNet migrates to a new platform later this year, ideas can be submitted directly from the ArcGIS Pro space.  

Thank you!

Status changed to: Implemented

ArcGIS Pro has a dedicated Idea Exchange on the new GeoNet platform as of November 2020.

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