Add possibility to change label for X axis in Spectral Profile (wavelength vs band name)

12-15-2020 04:58 AM
Status: Open
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Would be nice if there will be possibility to change label in Spectral profile graph - choose between Band name and Wavelength (Plot type - Mean line)


Hear Hear! Yes, I agree that there are limited options for editing the spectral profile chart. I have been trying to edit the x-axis labels. The only way that I know of is by editing the metadata for the bands. In the source metadata for my layer I can edit the values for a band but not the band name. If I wanted to change the band name, which is what the chart uses for x-axis labels, I would have to create a new raster dataset or mosaic data set in the data base in Catelog, then add my raster images to it. That's so inefficient. I'm going to explore ways of doing it through ArcPy but I don't think that will be fruitful since the functions just seem to be what's already available as GUI tools. I think, if editing flexibility were important you would have to just code as a stand-alone program in Python or R.


You can choose, sort of, between band name and wavelength. I notice that in one of my layers the x-axis is in nm for 'Mean Line'. Then, when I switch to 'Boxes and Lines' it shows band names in x-axis. In another one of my layers it started out as x-axis in nm then when I switched to 'Boxes and Lines' it changed to band names in the x-axis and stayed that way no matter which plot type I used. I don't know what is causing this inconsistency and I can't figure out how to choose one type of label over the other. I can edit the band name when I create the dataset in my database through 'Catelog' by editing the band metadata but once it's created I can't go back and edit the names. If I want different names I have to create another dataset and do everything all over again. I'm going to call ESRI and ask them about this because explaining it in text is too hard and time consuming. I think that spectral profiles might not be used very much because the people who would use such a tool are probably high level researchers that prefer to create their charts in R?