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Add option to honour Definition Queries when using the "Consolidate Map" tool

09-15-2017 08:25 AM
Status: Closed
New Contributor III

At the moment when I am exporting a .mxd project with lots of layers into a map package using the "Consolidate Map" tool , all the records of each layers in the source arcsde geodatabase are exported into the packaged file geodatabase.

Even if the layers have a Definitions Query set.

The result is that when you have a huge multi-countries corporate geodatabase , then even if all layers have a country='xxx' where clause in all layers of the mxd, then all records are exported.

Then we have to clean the result package to filter out the unwanted features.

Would be very good to have an option to apply the Definition Query to the target file geodatabase output.

Philippe Chessel


Philippe Chessel‌ The idea is valid, but I was just wondering if you've had any success using the Extent parameter: Consolidate Map—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop 

Specify the extent by manually entering the coordinates in the extent parameter using the format X-Min Y-Min X-Max Y-Max. To use the extent of a specific layer, specify the layer name.

  • MAXOF —Union of inputs
  • MINOF —Intersection of inputs
  • DISPLAY —Same extent as current display
  • <Layer> —Same extent as specified layer

Depending on the nature of the data, using the Display extent could dramatically reduce what is consolidated.  Again, not saying this is the same as honoring the definition query, just wondering if it is something you've tried and why or why not that might not work.



I agree the extents options could reduce the amount of records , but what we want to achieve is give to the target audience of the package only the data related to the map.

Plus it would be hard to automate multiple packages creation via python scripts.

And in our corporate geodatabase we implement mostly all the spatial layers with a region, country attribute to be able to filter out data on purpose.

So if this option was available ("Apply existing definition queries to data exported") that would be a real plus.



Thank you!

Status changed to: Closed

This was associated with ENH-000108101 which was closed with the following explanation:

"It is by design that the all the data within the specified extent of the map is consolidated. Map consolidation does honor definition queries in that the when the consolidate map is re-opened, only those features that meet the criteria of the definition query are drawn. This gives the consumer the option to edit the definition query.

If you would like to only consolidate those features returned from a definition query, copy those features to a new feature class and add it to a new map document prior to running consolidate map. Alternatively, use an extent, to clip or select only those features to be included in the consolidated folder or package."