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Add option {side_option} to

07-24-2023 07:52 PM
Status: Open
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It would be extremely beneficial to add a {side_option} to the tool when generating profiles along rivers and roads.

The {side_option} could be 'Left' or 'Right'.

The enhanced tool syntax would look like this:, out_feature_class, interval, transect_length, {include_ends}, {side_option})

Consider a case where I have road line of 10.1 meters and I set the interval to 1 meter. Usually, our clients in Japan don't require a transect line at the 10-meter position. They prefer to treat the last 1.1 meters as a single section while setting include_ends to 'END_POINTS'. Therefore, we need to introduce another parameter, {last_part_length}, set to 0.1 meters.

We would greatly appreciate it if these enhancements could be considered in the next release.

Wentao Che

Tokyo, Japan