Add new functionality to License Manager - Usage & Analysis Tools

03-22-2010 03:33 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Add posibility to see and account for the use of the licenses  at License Manager in terms of how many licenses , for how long and by whom are used.
Usefull to monitor use of licenses, in order to dimension number and level of Desktop licenses need in organization.
I like this idea

 I agree that better license usage tools would be nice...    but until they add it you can use this script. 

I am also very interested in this capability.
 I would also love this, The above script doesn't seem to work with the new License manager. 
Additionally, please incorporate the ability to see idle time.  Are they actually using the software or did they just start the software and leave it open while doing something else.
I think these are all wonderful input. Additionally, I would like to recommend to have a facility for conversion software integration system.

What I mean is, when a user is trying the trial version and wants to convert it to the full version, ESRI License Manager should be able to send and email to the user to have the functionality to convert this software after the client has paid the charges for it.

I would also like to see personalized messages or notification for clients with their names in each of the softwares. 

- Ashish
I currently use a scheduled batch script to monitor this. It would be nice to have a cleaner solution to show usage over the last month, quarter, year, etc.
With the previous license manager I could tell what user had licenses checked out.  We use concurrent use licenses.  With the new license manager I have no easy way to determine who is using what extensions, or have forgotten to switch the license manager back to arcview.  Now I have to open the log file and try to sift through the users to determine who has licenses checked out.  Please make the names or computers of users with licenses checked out visible through the license manager again.  Thanks.
Flexera already provides this capability with their Flexnet Manager software.  I can free any extensions at will and edit the options file to add or deny users access to extensions.  Customized reporting on usage and high water mark reports are there.  Since ArcGIS License Manager is a FLEX based product, I could not see them writing a product that duplicates functionality you can already get.
 There is a bug listed for this in the NIM system.  It is:

NIM063385 Add functionality to see and account for the use of the licenses at License Manager in terms of how many licenses , for how long and by whom are used