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Add NetCDF as a permitted input for Copy Raster tool

10-19-2022 02:42 AM
Status: Open
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The Copy Raster toolbox is the help-referenced, and principle method of creating multi dimensional rasters, particularly when converting to the new Cloud Raster Format. 

The Copy Raster tool supports time-slice multidimensional source rasters from sources such as GRIB/GRB, Image Mosaics, and a couple of others. It does not, however, support converting NetCDFs. In fact, converting NEtCDFs is a difficult task when it should not be given that ArcGIS has all the libraries required to do the job. 

Please add the ability to use NetCDFs as an input raster source for the Copy Raster tool to make converting to CRF easier. The team will likely need to accomodate a bit of conditional logic which asks the variable from within the NetCDF the user wishes to use.