Add measure tool to the Edit ribbon

05-21-2021 03:44 PM
Status: Open
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Hello! I often need to go back and forth from the Map ribbon to the Edit ribbon in order to measure a line. It would be awesome if ESRI would consider adding a Measure tool to the Edit ribbon to save on clicks. 

Thank you for your consideration.


You could add the Measure tool to the Quick Access Toolbar, or (even better in my opinion) just use Alt+Q to open Measure without having to move your mouse up to the ribbon or the Quick Access Toolbar.


Once you've used a tool once from Command Search it will be in Recently Used so you can just arrow down to it for quick access.

Just some thoughts, hoping they help your work!

Thank you Kory. I do agree with what you've suggested, but I'm stubborn. 😁

Trying to remember all the shortcuts is a downfall of mine! LOL

@DonnaMoreau I was only able to add it to the Edit Tab by adding a New Group (rename to your liking) then add it to the new group.  Move it if you want.  Odd I couldn't add it to the Tools section!  Maybe Esri will see this and modify so you can add tools anywhere? 




Thank you Kory and Jake. 🙂