Add Many Dropdown Box in Tools - Field Selection (table order option)

07-21-2017 06:48 AM
Status: Open
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In tools such as Dissolve and Add/Delete Field, the regular drop down box has the fields by table order as they were initially created.  The Add Many dropdown box has them alphabetized by default.  If we would could switch between alphabetized and table order that would be fantastic!  Or the default order only.   Maybe another box next to the toggle all checkboxes button?

If this could apply to any other tool as well with field selections too that would be helpful.



Brian Dudek‌ Remember to up vote your idea.

Another tool where this functionality might be applicable would be Delete Field:

As you noted, any tool that uses the Add Many dropdown box.  

Could you update the title of the Idea so that it isn't specific to the Dissolve tool; rather, refers to the functionality of the Add Many dropdown box?  The description could include examples of the Dissolve and Delete Field tools.  This would help the community find and vote on the idea.

Thank you!

by Anonymous User

I see this is still unresolved after 3 years? The alphabetizing of fields in Join Field is a major source of frustration when joining many fields at once. It reorders the fields before joining them to the target feature...