Add Locator styles for Europe

11-10-2016 06:30 AM
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Add locator styles for Europe.

The European Address Locator styles enables you to create locators for geocoding street addresses in Europe. Several of these new locator styles can be used in a composite geocoder that supports multiple levels of geocoding, including street address, street name, city, and postal code.

A separate EU Address Locator style for each country in Europe is preferred.

To be used within ArcGIS Desktop 10.2 and successors.


A locator style for the country of interest can be requested by contacting the local Esri Distributor serving that country.


Thank you Nick for your addition.

This idea concerns adding a locator style for the whole of Europe to each version of ArcGIS Desktop.

With each new version the European user can then easily find the locator style for Europe.

It will save business working hours for ESRI clients who no longer have to manage this themselves.


In the Netherlands the local ESRI Distributor is not providing a locator style.

Neither an advanced locator nor a basic locator can be obtained.


Is it not possible for customers to use the address locators included with StreetMap Premium Europe?


For Italy same thing: no locator style is provided unfortunately.



Is it not possible for customers to use the address locators included with StreetMap Premium Europe?


The ideal would be to have the same locator shipped within ArcGIS that works for US addresses also for Europe, which you could build on your own dataset. I think this is what this idea is about. Of course they can count on StreetMap Premium, but it's one more thing to buy, and surely it's not "building a locator on customers' dataset".


In ArcGIS Pro 2.5 it is possible to build your own locator with your own data using the Create Locator tool for the following countries using locator roles. Additional countries will be added and supported in future releases.

  • ASMAmerican Samoa
  • AUSAustralia
  • AUTAustria
  • CANCanada
  • DEUGermany
  • ESPSpain
  • FRAFrance
  • GBRGreat Britain
  • GUMGuam
  • MNPNorthern Mariana Islands
  • PRIPuerto Rico
  • VIRU.S. Virgin Islands
  • USAUnited States
  • UMI Minor Outlying Islands of the United States

You also have the ability to create multirole and multicountry locators with the Create Locator tool. If you have the 3-character country code and 3-character language code value defined in the reference data for each feature, select the <As defined in data> option for the Country or Region parameter and Language Code parameter. Then assign the fields from the reference data to the Country Code and Language Code locator role fields in the Field Mapping.


In addition to the countries mentioned above by Shana, additional countries have been added as well at Pro 2.6.


  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands