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Add geoprocessing tool that exports geo pdf map using parallel processing

12-07-2015 07:25 PM
Status: Open
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New Contributor III

I have just been painfully watching my computer export a geo pdf using one CPU of my Quad core.  I still have plenty of memory, CPU is maxed out at 25%.  It has been almost 50 minutes.

It would be swell to have a geo processing option that would use more CPU power.

Can you expand on your techniqe you are using and your settings?
How large is your MXD?
What type of database are you working off of?
How large of an area are you tyring to export?

I just exported a Georeferenced PDF of a township and it took about 5 seconds.
The MXD is a little over 1.7 MB, All the data come from two separate file geodatabase which are about 85 MB and 1.31 GB respectively. The area is large 30 miles by 30 miles at 1:12,000 scale.

The map contains roads, streams, harvest units, contours etc.