Add Geometry to an Existing Record

11-02-2012 08:36 AM
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by Anonymous User
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This capability already exists in ArcMap 9.3 but you can't get to it in ArcMap 10.1 without changing the editing toolbar back to 9.3 editor toolbar.  I would like the ability to add geometry (point, line, & polygon) to an existing record in a geodatabase that does not have a geometry.

For example after creating a new polyline geodatabase through linear referencing.  I will have a few records that did not come back with a match and the geometry needs to be created by hand.  It would be nice to select the record that does not have geometry (point, line, & polygon) and add geometry to the record.

The only way to do this without changing the toolbar to 9.3 is to digitize a new line which creates a blank record in the database and copy and paste the attributes from the record that has no geometry to the record that contains the geometry.

This capability exists it just needs to be enabled in ArcMap 10.1 and work with feature templates.
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by Anonymous User
Take a look at the Replace Geometry tool on the advanced editing toolbar.

From the help:
"You can also use the Replace Geometry tool to create valid geometry for a feature that currently has null geometry. For example, you might encounter this when geocoding a list of addresses and you have unmatched records in an attribute table without a corresponding location on the map. To use Replace Geometry this way, select one row at a time in the attribute table containing null geometry, then click the map to create the feature."