Add ESRI websites Category. Improve page navigation on Ideas.Esri.Com

08-06-2010 08:10 AM
Status: Open
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I have no "Idea" how to properly Categorize this post.  I want a Category for specifically commenting on the ESRI websites, like the Ideas page, the Resource Center, Forums, Code Sharing pages, etc.  Many things have been broken and lumping these ideas under ArcGIS Desktop is definitely not ideal, but I don't want to put my website idea under a little used cateogry.  Even in doing this post I am annoyed that I am not targeting a Category for ESRI website issues, which have seriously increased since the old websites were abandoning just to add pretty WPF buttons.  I hate form over function applications, and almost all of the recent website "improvements" fall under that catagory so far IMHO.

The other complaint is that the Ideas page gives me no clue how many Ideas have been implemented.  There is no count I can readily see.  Also I cannot navigate to the first and last page just to get a rough idea of how many Ideas are being implemented.  With just a Page Previous | Page Next navigation tool I have virtually no way to get anywhere quickly without doing a search.  If I have missed how the website really works to address these issues let me know, but it seems pretty non-standard compared to other website navigation implmentations.


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My bad.  I should have posted this to Service Ideas.  I am new to the site, but I see the Desktop site is fast becoming cluttered as a dumping ground for everything, because it gets most of the attention.  Many users (like myself ) are having a difficult time reorienting to the new web designs and figuring out where our ideas really fit.  Too bad I have no way to withdrawn or recategorize an idea after I have posted it to clean up some of the mess in the Desktop page.