Add depth to ArcToolbox

11-24-2010 05:27 AM
Status: Closed
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Imagine the default toolbox collapsed and only user defined folders/toolboxes to be displayed.  What a difference!

When adding toolboxes, the user's toolbox is intermingled with Default toolboxes.  Just adds confusion and frustration when trying to locate my toolboxes within the default toolboxes.

Some type of folder structure would help, one larger than the toolboxes, such that toolboxes can be orgainized.  Allowing these to collapse would be helpful as well.

At a minimum, the default toolboxes should be separate from the user toolboxes.  While I don't want to get rid of the default toolboxes (need quick access for development/reference), I would like to not show them while seeing my custom toolboxes.

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Status changed to: Closed

ArcGIS Pro lists users custom toolboxes in the Catalog pane, and system toolboxes in the Geoprocessing pane. There is no intermingling of these toolboxes in ArcGIS Pro. There is an intention to give access to project toolboxes from the Geoprocessing pane, but again they will not be intermingled with the system toolboxes, rather in separate clearly-designated sections. These sections will not be "folders" or able to be renamed or configured, so I am not marking this issue as "Implemented" at this time. 

There is a somewhat related and more recent idea about configuring the Toolboxes list here, for anyone who wants to vote or comment: