Add decimal support to sequential numbering

09-30-2021 09:30 AM
Status: Open
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I'm really pleased that there's a sequential numbering feature; however, I'm looking to number things with a tenths place (ex. 359.1, 359.2, 359.3...) I can set a decimal in the format (###.#), but there's a few problems: this gives me 3 places after the decimal (I want 1), and the start value and increment can only be a whole number. I'd hope this tool could support non-integer increments and start values.


For now, it seems my solution will be making my values 4 digits and later dividing by 10. (ex. 3591, 3592; dividing to 359.1 etc.)

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I kind of like this idea so have voted it up but I wonder if it should be implemented because I could imagine you hit the classic problem of precision and rounding issues which would create an unacceptable scenario of the tool creating non-sequential numbering. One for someone who has better understanding of how numbers are stored and represented?