'Add data from path' in Pro should respect online layer's visualization settings

12-27-2021 12:06 PM
Status: Open
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It would be great if when adding an ArcGIS Online feature service to the Pro project via 'add data from path,' and pasting the URL, the added layer respects the online layer's visualization settings in the same way that adding the same layer from Portal/Catalog does. 

I have a service that multiple users are editing, and I have it set up so that only a few attribute fields are editable, and several other fields are hidden for the purposes of this project. When I add the layer to Pro via Portal, only the desired fields are visible and editable and everything I specified in the Visualization environment in ArcGIS Online is reflected in the added layer in Pro. When I add the same layer to Pro via URL, none of the settings I configured under the visualization page in ArcGIS Online are respected and I can see, as well as EDIT, field that I don't want to be viewed or edited at the current stage of this project.

I've tried this on the root service as well as a view and have produced the same results. It would be really nice if the settings were consistently applied across the different methods for adding data to Pro.