Add data directly from Microsoft Sharepoint in ArcGIS Pro

08-07-2020 05:17 AM
Status: Open
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MS Power Apps are a very robust and widely used tool for data collection in my organization. However, ESRI mapping is far superior to Power BI, so a perfect workflow for my situation would be data collection via Power Apps, stored in SharePoint, and then mapped and reported in ArcGIS Pro. There is currently no way to directly add data from a SharePoint List to ArcGIS Pro though.


Being able to add a SharePoint list, or read "live" from an excel stored on SharePoint in ArcGISPro or AGOL would be immensely helpful!


Actually this request could be generalised as fetch file (csv, txt, image) from webserver via url link. The "add data from path" seems to want to pre-process anything from a URL as a service (maybe just add "copy file" to the service type/action options?


Just adding my support. Having access to SharePoint and other hosted files outside of ArcGIS Online will be exceedingly valuable in a world that is rapidly shifting away from in-office M-F and even avoid VPN whenever possible.