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Add Data dialog box upgrade

12-07-2010 06:26 AM
Status: Open
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Ideas to improve ascetic Add Data dialog box, to enrich it with more controls and functionality:

Better information support
  • Add Geographic, Table and Metadata Preview tabs
  • Add more columns in Details view for better information support (currently only Name and Type) like Created/Modified Date, Size, Cartographic projection, Lock, Author… (even for GDB Feature Classes)
  • Auto refresh (at least reload button). When the contents of currently opened folder have changed during add data operation, Add Data dialog box doesn’t reflect it at all.


  • Possibility to add selected layers as a Group layer or a Basemap Layer
  • Add folder to map document at once with all layers as a Group/Basemap layer or as separated layers
  • Add forward and back button with browsing history
  • Missing hierarchical tree side window
  • Missing favorite/most/last used locations menu
  • Missing menu with all utilized directories by current map document
  • Resizable Add Data dialog box
  • Select All files with CTRL+A, F2 for file rename
  • Context menu to show layer properties
  • More data type filters in “Show of type”: SHP, GDB, raster type…
  • Add Data should have in its keyboard shortcut by default
  • After data addition support – optional dialog to show possible operations with imported data. Rasters: georeferencing, build pyramids…, CAD: georeferencing, layers, symbology…
How can ESRI consider Name+Type = Detailed? Please add Size & Date at least.
+1 for Auto refresh or at least Refresh button when I know it has changed
+1 for Ctrl+A
When adding data from our enterprise gdb I'm not interested in the the schema (owner of the tables). So please a checkbox for  "Schema on/off".
When adding a new file Type to ArcCatalog it doesn't appear in ArcMap's Add Data dialog box. All file types in ArcCatalog should also appear in ArcMap's Add Data dialog box.
Resizeable dialog boxes are very helpful for users. This will save lot of time utilized for dragging page/bars back and forth. Very basic functionality. Please promote this idea.

Abdullah Saleh

I thoroughly enjoyed the convenience of basically the full set of Windows Explorer options in the add data dialogue that we had in ArcMap. Assuming that will never happen, ability to have the details view with columns for attribs such as date modified / author etc would be nice.

As Windows explorere obviously cannot view GDB contents, this becomes even more of an obvious enhancement for the Add Data dialogue within #ArcPro.#