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Add contents of a folder with 'Add Data from Path'

11-21-2022 08:58 AM
Status: Open
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I use ArcCatalog for data browsing purposes, and to get data into Pro, I make heavy use of the Add Data from Path feature. I can easily copy the item's path from ArcCatalog's address bar and paste it into Pro. This works pretty well for one-off feature classes, gdbs, or shapefiles, but sometimes I want to add an entire folder, and it's not so easy to do. I either have to go in through Pro's catalog or copy the path for each individual layer/table. I would really like if Pro would just add the contents of a folder - whatever file types within are supported by GIS. I'm okay if it throws an error for non-GIS filetypes, but in cases like this, just add all the .shps to my map...


...instead of throwing this error.


It would also come in hand if you've found something using File Explorer, or if someone sends you a direct link to a folder. Copy, paste, done.