Add cancel button to generate unique values dialog when defining symbology

02-15-2021 04:12 AM
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Please add a cancel button to the generate unique values dialog when defining unique symbology. When accessing very large datasets (e.g. polyline dataset with 40+ million lines) this takes an unacceptable amount of time and I want to be able to cancel out of it, currently the only option is to crash out of ArcPro!



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@DuncanHornby and others who voted for this idea, are you still seeing that there is not a cancel button when generating unique values?  I just tried this again in Pro 2.7.3 on SQL Server enterprise geodatabase feature class and see a Cancel button:


I've also tried with shapefiles and file gdb and I get the Cancel button.  It may be that I need to work with a larger dataset to see the behavior, since you noted you were working with 40+ million features.  

Just wondering if you're still not seeing the Cancel button in later versions and if not, if there are any additional details you can offer about the data source.



@KoryKramer , will confirm next week, am on holiday at the moment.



@KoryKramer  No same issue as before, see screenshot below. The only difference I can tell is that my data is in a file geodatabase and not sql server?




Thanks, @DuncanHornby 

How long does the 'Querying the database' message show, and does yours eventually switch to 

the 'more than 100 unique values were found' message?


Is the 'descriptiveterm' field indexed?


@KoryKramer  I have so far lost the will to live with these very large datasets, so I never see the "more that 100 unique..." message as I've usually crashed out of ArcPro. With smaller datasets that have more than 100 unique values I definitely get that message box.

The field descriptiveterm is indexed.

Out of interest it took about 8 minutes to get to that more than 100 dialog on a dataset with 1.2 million rows

Status changed to: Open

OK.  Thanks for the additional information, Duncan.