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Add better error message for importing feature class into feature dataset with same name in Geodatabase

10-07-2011 10:18 AM
Status: Open
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Currently if you attempt to import a new feature class into a feature dataset within a geodatabase that has the same name as the feature class you are importing anywhere in that entire geodatabase you get a very generic error message (Error 000210 - Failed to Convert).  It you attempt to use the Feature Class to Feature Class to bring it in, you get a different error (Error 000594 - falls outside of geomtry).  Both of these point you in the wrong direction in attempting to find the true problem.  

So the request here is to add a better and more meaningful error message, something like "target already exists".  From what I have heard from others this is a common problem and many have spent many hours troubleshooting when a simply a better error message could have prevented this.  
In general ESRI provides very meaningless error messages. This is another prime example. It requires SWAG to figure the answer. (Scientific Wild Ass Guess)
In addition to giving more meaningful error messages, particulary in this case when the solution is very basic, can we change this behavior for feature classes in feature datasets?  Is there a reason that feature classes in separate feature datasets are not allowed to have the same name?
I agree about esri's penchant for useless error messages and also say THANK YOU for explaining what I finally came to figure out on my own! 
I completely agre with this - the error messages are completely unhelpful for such a simple problem.  I am surprised this item has not been voted higher.
Completely agree, I was just trying to do the same thing (import to a feature class) and got the same error message (Error 000594) for a completely different reason (my dataset was locates in a full personal geodatabase). I only fiugred out the solution because I have had this error before, but it took me all morning to figure it out! Please fix!
Totally agree. Better error messages.  That this problem persists 4 years after the initial post proves it.  Error 000210: cannot create output still is vague and misleading.

This is a typical problem using ESRI software.  It requires hours of my time and often unnecessary time spent by ESRI support staff.  In my experience, with proper error trapping, a meaningful error can be provided in almost all cases.  I suggest allocating more resources to returning useful error messages.  This would probably result in overall savings for ESRI.  It certainly would if you include lost time by developers.