Add Basemap functionality to ArcReader

11-03-2010 05:05 PM
Status: Open
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The new basemap function available at ArcGIS 10 is not supported by ArcReader PMFs and I think it's a missed opportunity.

According to Esri, they "would recommend not using basemaps for your  published map files (PMFs) displayed  in ArcReader, at this time.  This has to do with not being able to turn  on or off the hardware acceleration in ArcReader."

A follow up from Esri indicates that basemap functionality is available with ArcReader. We'll do our own tests to see how it performs; please comment if you've had any experience of your own on this topic.
My guess is that "Add Basemaps" (e.g. Bing Maps Aerial) data is not available to ArcReader only computers due to licensing restrictions.

The same ArcReader document (PMF) displays basemap data on computers with ArcView or ArcEditor while it does not display on those with ArcReader only.
Still trying to include a Bing map as a background/baseMap!!!
What is everyone else using for ArcReader .pmf's???????
ArcGis 10.1 w/ SP1.

I also have run into the issue that BING maps can not be added to a data package.
However, the "World Imagery" basemaps can be used with no problem, and using NAIP images from image service work.

License issue?  I don't know.  But the data package I'm trying to create would really benefit from the higher resolution BING imagery.

Ron Thomas
Rocky Mountain National Park GIS Program