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Add Attachment Photos Dynamically to Data Driven Pages

11-28-2017 06:17 AM
Status: Already Offered
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As of now, with Data Driven Pages, you have to manually add attachment photos to each data driven page individually, then export to pdf one by one. The current work flow goes as follows:


1.) collect data using collector or other web app, and attach photos to the features out in the field.

2.) bring hosted feature layer from cloud down to local machine.

3.) add GDB with feature class and attachment table to mxd, and enable Data Driven Pages.

4.) set up Data Driven Pages in the form of a report that displays each feature one at a time.

5.) then step through each page, and add the photo(which has to be opened in web app and saved to computer first)

6.) then export that single page to pdf, and do this for every feature/page.


What would be nice is to add a dynamic element to the data driven pages interface, that would add the photo attached to the feature (per GLOBALID). Then you could set up the template, and run the export to pdf on all the pages at one time. Also, if anyone has any code that accomplishes this, that would be great to. Thanks!


An enhancement has been logged, ENH-000109663.

Also, you CAN add the photo dynamically to the old report generating tool, but you CANNOT add a dynamic map element. With Data Driven Pages, you CANNOT add a photo dynamically, but you CAN add a dynamic map element. Just to clarify.


Scott, if you have an image attached to each feature, you should be able to follow the instructions here: How To: Add dynamic images to a map document with attachments from Data Driven Pages 

From what you've written in the description, it sounds like the instructions I've provided will allow you to set up your data driven pages where the image is updated automatically from the feature attachment, and you can export as a PDF including all pages.  The images will be updated on each page.

Let us know if that works and we can mark this idea as Already Offered.  If it doesn't, circle back and let us know what about the process doesn't meet your workflow so we can refine the idea.



Yes! That works! I actually played around with that function before, but i think I was making the mistake of trying to put filters on it. I never tried it "without" a filter. Thanks a bunch! I am running into a couple issues however. They are pertaining to the field crew collection methods. Sometimes they did not take a picture, and sometimes they took the photo in landscape instead of portrait, and visa versa. Is there any current method to correct. As of now, i still have to manually add a "No Photo" image for the missing ones, and resize the photo frame for the different oriented photos. I will tell the field crew to be more diligent with collection. However, is there a way to correct for previously collected photos?

Status changed to: Already Offered

This is available in ArcGIS Pro. 


Following the instruction for data driven photo attachments did not work for me because the capability to display photo attachments in an ArcGIS Pro Data Driven Page is no longer available. 


Do you have an Arcade expression that I can input for reference to a layer's relationship class attachment table?


@SueLime images in related tables are not currently supported in Map Series. There is an idea for that you can vote on here