Add another symbology class without other classes changing color.

03-30-2010 12:10 PM
Status: Open
Esri Regular Contributor

If I'm working with the Classified renderer for raster data or the Quantity renderer for vector data, every time I add a class all the colors on my existing classes revert to the colors on the color ramp that is currently selected.  Typically, I define my own colors for my classes, but sometimes I need to add/remove a class.  ArcView 3 didn't change the colors of existing classes when adding more classes.  I'd really like my selection of colors to persist when adding additional classes to my classification.

This is already possible if you use the "Add Values" button rather than the "Add All Values"
Thanks for the tip.  Unfortunately, when working with the classified renderer for raster data, there is no option to "Add Values" or "Add All Values".  There is also no option for those if your using the Quantities > Graduated Colors renderer with vector data.  I believe your referring to the unique value renderer which is not something I'm using.