Add an option to turn off on the fly projecting of data

10-15-2019 12:57 PM
Status: Open
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Motive: People often ask: what's the on the ground difference between projection A and projection B? (sometimes adding in a C, D & E too)  Seems like a simple, easy, quick question to answer.

I am aware that you can supposedly do this by clearing the data frame coordinate system and reloading.  However I get inconsistent results doing this, the program seems to be doing other stuff under the hood that I can't control, the data frame also sometimes gets hungry and grabs the first layer's projection.  When I reassign a coordinate system to the data frame it sometimes refuses to resume on the fly and things seem stuck where they were no matter how I reload or restart the program.  Meticulous note taking becomes needed after a transformation or two.  This could be simple, it should be simple, QGIS can do it with one tick, Arc needs it too.

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Keith - it sounds like you're working in ArcMap as you talk about clearing the data frame's coordinate system.  This idea was logged previously and it seems that clearing the coordinate system should do what you need.  If there are inconsistencies or unexpected behavior, those might be best addressed by working with technical support rather than through an idea.  This would also be related to  How to clear\define the coordinate system of a particular layer in catalog of ArcPro?