Add an option to sort items in ArcCatalog by date, type etc.

06-03-2021 01:44 AM
Status: Already Offered
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I Use many items in one folder, many project versions and image files. It will be so helpfull to add an option to sort items in ArcCatalog by date, type etc. the same way as in Windows explorer


Shlomie Hazam, ISRAEL


Yes. I guess the time has finally come for that, as well as for displaying the date and time of creating/modifying Feature Classes and Tables within the geodatabase.


From the idea's title, it sounds like this request is specifically for ArcCatalog.  No further enhancements are being made to ArcMap or ArcCatalog at this time as development efforts are focused on ArcGIS Pro.  The good news, though, is that it is already possible to sort items in ArcCatalog (and the Catalog view in ArcGIS Pro) by clicking on the column header:


Is this what you're looking for?


Thanks, Kory.
My comment - the suggestion is related to ArcGIS Pro, primarily to the date/time of creation and modification of fgdB items (FD, FC, Tables and Relationship Classes). Editor Tracking is a great way to record/track dB modifications, but from a personal point of view, it seems more acceptable to egdB. Hence I think for fgdB ESRI should implement this possibility!


Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Thank you for the follow up on your comment @BranislavBlagojevic !

I guess we need clarification from @שלומיחזאם because the idea seems to be for ArcCatalog, and if we understand it correctly, will probably be marked Already Offered.

I absolutely appreciate your clarifying comment that you're looking for better date modified management in ArcGIS Pro's Catalog view - that is a known issue already and different than requesting the ability to sort items, which is already possible in both ArcCatalog and Pro's Catalog view.

Thanks again!

Status changed to: Already Offered

It is currently possible to sort items in ArcCatalog and ArcGIS Pro Catalog view by clicking the column headers.


ArcGIS Pro BUG-000104316 related to 'attribute-driven color in symbology' was confirmed four years ago (April, 2017), but has not been fixed to date. The status of this Bug was changed earlier this year (?) From "In Current Product Plan" to "Not in Current Product Plan" (!) with info that has nothing to do with this serious problem This is an elementary thing in the process of automated cartography (see more at Setting up the attribute-driven color in symbology... - Esri Community) and it's time to fix this at last!

Thank you!



Hi Branislav,

Yes, the bug was closed as a duplicate of an open enhancement request.  From the link you provided:


The change from In Product Plan to Not In Current Product Plan is result of marking it a duplicate of the other open issue.

While carrying out this conversation on the thread of a completely unrelated topic isn't best practice, since you brought it up, could you please share some screenshots of how you're using attribute-driven symbology, the variety of resulting symbol/color combinations that you get, and some thoughts about what you would expect to see in the legend; and what kind of control you would expect to have over what is displayed in the legend?  (Like I said, the issue is open and the team is planning to work on this, but it will require thoughtful design since attribute-driven symbology allows a user to produce a nearly infinite number of ways to symbolize the data, so we can't just throw all of that in the legend necessarily without overwhelming the map reader).  

Your examples and thoughts would be very much appreciated!

Thank you.



Many Thanks for answer.

The essence of this problem is in the attribute-driven symbology/es assigned to features is not reflected in the legend information for the feature layer, when the Primary Symbology Method is Unique Values. In practical terms for the user this means that he must either manually or outside of ArcGIS Pro create a legend (!!!) even though he has predefined the symbology attribute with RGB, HEX or CMYK Code (extremely important when sharing only geodatabase as a repository - no layer, or publish this straight to AGOL).
It’s a little absurd; the layer in the Map will show the colors that will be read directly from the attribute table, but the legend of the same layer(s) will show Unique Values ​​colored by the default ArcGIS Pro color scheme (!?!).
With the implementation of Eyedropper (AGP, ver. 2.7) the situation (at least in my case) is partially simplified, because the user can take the color from the symbolized Feature(s) in the Map and re-colorize the item(s) in the legend, but ... only when the number of unique values ​​is small (eg <15), because the procedure must be repeated for each item.
Thus, there is no possibility here for an infinite combination of successful/appropriate symbolization; it is pre-defined by the attribute(s), and ArcGIS Pro only needs to execute it completely - in Map and Legend.

I have a small example (Project and same as zipped archive) that I used and am using for testing and that I have already sent through Beta testing (AGP ver. 2.6 or 2.7?). I will be happy to send it to you for testing and a better understanding of the problem, but there is no Attachment option here. Do you want me to send it directly from email? Maybe it could help solve and fix the problem.




"It is currently possible to sort items in ArcCatalog and ArcGIS Pro Catalog view by clicking the column headers." and "Already Offered" is not correct. It is possible to sort SOME THINGS in Catalog View, but not everything we need to sort on, as brought up in Add Additional Details in Catalog View in ArcGIS P... - Esri Community

Pro 2.8.1. Cannot sort (or view) date. 



Catalog 10.7.1



Someone will point out that double-clicking on the date column will sort it ascending/descending just can't see the date. No, it won't. It will change the order of the items, but it's not sorting on any date field. 


It would help me if someone could explain how this is already offered. Am I missing a setting in Options that needs to be turned on? 



Hi Tom,

This idea was closed because it is specifically asking for functionality in ArcCatalog that is already offered.  We understand the need to be able to expose and work with date, size and other properties in ArcGIS Pro’s Catalog view, and that development work is underway. 

You pointed to the idea that we are tracking that is related to the development work:  Add Additional Details in Catalog View in ArcGIS PRO