Add an option to prevent the topology error inspector preview map from zooming in/out (fixed extent).

02-07-2022 09:21 AM
Status: Open
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While I can see major improvement on topology in ArcGIS Pro, the only thing it really annoys me is how they design both  Zoom In and Out in both the Map View and the Error Inspector Preview screen.  It would be nice if the Preview screen in the Error Inspector not to use the zoom in and out. Because you already have both already on !

For the Map View, leave the Zoom in and out !

For the Error Inspector , try to remove zoom in and out .  Let it stand.


Just sayin !



Status changed to: Needs Clarification


Thanks for the feedback. Can you please provide a bit more details on what specifically you are requesting? Are you referring to the "Zoom to error" command? Or are you referring to the ability to zoom in and zoom out of the error Preview window using the mouse? Thanks for any clarification.


Thank you @Scott  for your replied. Talking about the Preview Window in the Error Inspector. I have include the video for you to view it.

Talking about in the Error Inspector , maybe add "Fixed" or "Extent" so you don't have to do both at the same time ?

Let me know if you are able to view it.

Other suggest is to add either 

Add an application in the Options section 





2)  Add Topology in the Editing section in the Options 


I hope that helps ?

Status changed to: Open


Thanks for clarifying. I updated the title of the Idea to better reflect the request and set the status of the Idea to open.


We have begun transitioning our topology editing to ArcGIS Pro and I am still noticing the issue of automatic panning and zooming when topology errors are identified.  I find that the zooming often makes it more difficult to determine what fixes need to be made in cases where there is an overlap.  It would be very helpful if the automatic zooming was disabled or if there was an easy way to toggle that feature off.  I also would appreciate it if Pro did not see topology dirty areas as snappable objects.