Add ability to upgrade arcgis python library through the ArcGIS Pro Python Package Manager

07-29-2020 06:50 AM
Status: Implemented
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ArcGIS Pro provides a nice GUI for updating python libraries used by the software.  For folks like me this makes it so much easier to get started with the python features, since I don't have to worry about learning Conda. However, when I hear about a new version of the arcgis python library being available, when I go to the Python Package Manager, it is not shown as an option to update.  I am curious why this flagship library from Esri is not available for update through this window when so many smaller ancillary libraries are available.  

I do know that the Python API help has a page explaining how to do the update via the conda terminal:  Install and set up | ArcGIS for Developers .  However, the instructions don't look like they've been updated since 2.2.  Also, it is a little clunky to go through these steps when Pro has a feature to make updates easier. 


The Python API documentation has been updated to reflect how to update with more current releases of ArcGIS Pro. The version available in Pro is bound to the same <major>.<minor> version, so for example Pro 2.6 ships with API 1.8.1, and via Pro you can upgrade to the 1.8.2 release (and 1.8.3 when that is released). Because Pro ships with functionality which depends on the API, we don't by default allow upgrading to any version, as that may introduce backward incompatible changes, but you can still create new environments and upgrade those independently of Pro.

Status changed to: Implemented