Add ability to turn off "Scale symbols" to default options.

09-29-2017 05:09 AM
Status: Open
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Rarely do I need - or want - the “Scale symbols when a reference scale is set” turned on under the Display tab on the Properties menu for a layer.  Also, when I post a map to AGOL, which I do frequently, when this option is turned on, the symbology often is invisible in the published map.  Rather frustrating, as one then must go back and change each layer's property to turn "Scale symbols" off, and republish.  As we can set and have persist in future mxds the option to, for instance, not have added layers visible in an mxd, make this option be one I can choose to have automatically turned off for all layers.  Thanks.


In my experience, it can also horribly slow down drawing performance in ArcMap in some cases. I don't know if Pro or AGOL handle that aspect better, but for ArcMap, it can certainly create problems if "Scale symbols" is active for a layer.


I couldn't agree more.  In most cases it is an annoyance and would be better left to the user to decide whether they want Symbols to be Scaled somewhere in the General Settings etc.