Add a Classic View to the ArcGIS Pro GUI

03-03-2017 08:11 PM
Status: Open
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Myself, and a cohort of 30 other MSGIS students at CSULB all did an entire class last semester with Pro.

Overall, what we would like to see is a "classic view" option for the GUI. We all prefer the tool bars that can be undocked. Many of us like to move them close to whatever we are working on for economy of movement.  A classic view option would offset the hesitation to change. Maybe it could retain some features of pro like the ability to resize windows, but it would be a familiar GUI that we could start using in a productive manner from day 1. 


Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback.  In your description above, I read this as two ideas:

1. Provide the ability to resize the ribbon in ArcGIS Pro (rather than only being able to expand it or collapse it completely).

2. Provide an option to use a classic GUI in ArcGIS Pro that would look and feel more like ArcMap.

Is that correct?

If so, I'd recommend keeping this current Idea as the one about adding a classic view, but clarify the title to be more descriptive that this is for ArcGIS Pro.  And then clean up the text so that it is relevant to that one Idea.

Then split out your Idea to be able to resize the ribbon in ArcGIS Pro and log that as a new Idea.

This is to make improve the discovery and voting process for the user community.  Currently, if somebody up votes this Idea, are they voting for a classic user interface in Pro, or for a resizable ribbon?  

Please see‌ which provides a great explanation of how to make the most of the Ideas site when submitting new ideas.



That is correct. 2 ideas. I am writing a thesis, no time to edit the post and so on. What I can say is if I must learn a new software, I will just learn QGIS and save countless thousands of dollars...


I split out the Idea so that we can get a better picture of which the community is up voting.  The second Idea is now‌  You can add your vote to that.

Thank you!


I like the first idea, allowing a legacy or classic interface.  I have spent years getting my muscle memory down with normal desktop, with toolbars the way I want.  I don't think I should have to learn to use an entirely new interface just to get x64. Nor for the thousands of dollars that Arc costs. Its almost insulting to the users to do this to them.  My employer hired me to do jobs fast, and its not right that they should have to pay for the software, and the additional time it takes me to accomplish a task due to the interface in that software.  I am not a luddite, but the economics of small businesses force one to take these aspects into account.  Please provide a 10.x interface (classic) alternative to ribbon.  




I voted both ideas up for reasons discussed already.  I'll spare redundant commentary since this appears similar to my "ArcGIS Pro: Option to Enable Dockable Toolbars and Menus" where I elaborate on some issues concerning the ribbon.


While it isn't a full "classic view" give this customized quick access toolbar for Pro a try: ArcMap-Style Toolbar for ArcGIS Pro