Adaptive Legend Label Wrapping

11-30-2020 05:03 PM
Status: Open
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When wrapping is applied to ArcGIS Pro Legends, the wrapping is applied all columns even when the column text is shorter than the wrapping width specified.

The column width should adapt to whichever is shorter - the label text or the wrapping width. This is not an issue in ArcGIS desktop.

Status changed to: Open

I think this works as you expect if you uncheck Equal column widths for the legend.




Hi @AubriKinghorn, unfortunately that does not work. The Fitting Strategy I had applied is attached to the post as a screenshot.




Not trying to ESRI bash, but the legend adjustments, particularly this issue wherein we are unable to deactivate "equal column widths" in order to standardize font sizes within legend items across figure sets is really poor form by them.  This post is two years old, and it's just classic frustrating ESRI-stuff.  IN general, it seems they're either lacking resources to address these issues or prioritizing others.  Also classic in that it's a bunch of broken knobs strewn like land mines throughout their sprawling suite of half-baked functionality ambitions.  Seems like an easy programming / software fix, especially considering these knobs are similar to Desktop and they work there.  In screenshot below, notice that the column widths remain equal despite being deactivated.