Ability to undo more ArcMap changes

05-05-2010 03:47 PM
Status: Open
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Allow users to undo changes to layers, such as symbology or label changes usin ghe undo/redo buttons.  Right now these tools only seems to work for undoing removal of layers from the table of contents, or actual edits to data.  I think you can undo updates to page layout elements too, but only certain things like moving elements around or removing them.  I think currently if you change all the internal properties of a rather complex legend element, you can't undo the changes


Much needed fix to meet professional software standards. Besides Layer Properties the Undo/Redo functionality is required for:

  • Dataframe Properties
  • Map Legend (undo is not working properly with complex legends)
  • Page and Print Setup
  • Graphic or text elements while drawing or editing
  • Selection, Select By Attributes, Select By Location
  • Style Manager
  • ArcToolbox Tools (cache history like Adobe Photoshop)
Wish I could promote this multiple times.
Once updating symbology or label properties, or once repathing a data source, the change cannot be undone.

Mistakenly repathing a feature to another data type (e.g. a polygon to a line) loses all of the symbology associated with the original feature. The Undo button doesn't work, so the only solution is to close the MXD without saving and reopen it.

This is a huge performance loss that needs to be addressed.