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Ability to set another default datum transformation

09-24-2010 02:59 AM
Status: Open
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A lot of people are now using Bingmaps (basemaps). These are in a different coordinate system than our local regional projection. The default datum transformation that the software uses is not the correct one; there is a shift of about 100 meters. The datum tranformation can be set in the data frame properties to correct the shift.
The idea is to have the ability to set a different default datum transformation (similar to what you can do also for ArcPad). So when starting a new blank map document (normal.mxt) that uses these specific 2 coordinate systems, the correct datum transformation is taken.

GREAT IDEA koelega!!!  I have been frustrated ever since our organization "upgraded" to 10.1, although I feel 10.1 in general is a MAJOR DOWNGRADE in many aspects including this issue as well as slowness with editing and other general tasks.  It's even more frustrating that now I need to try and explain this more technical aspect in functionality to individuals that do not use ArcMap on a regular basis and use it more as a "Reader" vs. an "Analyst".

I sincerely hope that ESRI takes this idea into consideration or just time warps to ArcGIS 11 and forget 10.1 even existed.

I understand that this is an older request at this point, but wanted to see if users are still looking for an improved workflow here.  In ArcGIS Pro 2.8, there is an ability to add additional transformations to a map.  See  Hopefully this will help in some cases, but since a default cannot be set at the time of creating new maps and scenes, I don't think it quite addresses the original idea.  I still thought that it would be worth sharing this new capability, though.


When setting a default spatial reference for new maps, it would be nice to also have the option to establish default transformations to use with the default spatial reference.

For example, if the default spatial reference for new maps is set to some zone of the SPCS using NAD 83, then to also have the option to set the default transformation to be used if WGS84 data is added to the map, and the default to be used if NAD 27 data is added to the map, etc...

For many offices, most of the data added to their maps typically use the same two or three different datums, so having the option to set default transformations for these datums to their map's default spatial reference would alleviate the bulk of transformation warnings that consistently arise whenever data is added to new maps, and relegate the warning to only those rare times when data not accounted for with a default transformation is added to the map.


good idea since most users do not know the correct information to add for the Transformation steps.